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A Raspberry Pi Case That Allows for Passive Cooling

The Raspberry Pi is well known for its small size that packs a big punch. One of the things that gives the Raspberry Pi its speed is that it allows overclocking, meaning that the components of the Raspberry Pi will run faster than the manufacturer intended them to run simply by altering the config.txt. Unfortunately, overclocking can raise the temperature of your Raspberry Pi unit, and that can pose potential harm to your Raspberry Pi. Many Raspberry Pi cases exacerbate the problem by sealing off passive cooling ports and raising the temperature even more, putting you are risk for crashing or a complete melt down.

Thankfully, we have a Raspberry Pi Case that allows for passive cooling of the unit to prevent failure even when overclocking. Proto Armour from Mobile App Systems allows the heat from the CPU, voltage regulator, and Ethernet controller to dissipate through the thermally conductive pad at the top half of the housing unit. That means our Raspberry Pi case doesn't just keep your unit safe, it keeps it cool even when it is being pushed to its limits. This is the case you’ve been looking for to protect your Raspberry Pi.

You can read more about our case and get all of its statistics on our website. You can check out the materials we use to ensure its durable construction, how we make it security friendly, and our commitment to keeping our top-of-the-line case affordable for every Raspberry Pi user. Check it out for yourself then place an order for your own Proto Armour case!