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Could a Mini Computer, a Raspberry Pi Case, and an Improved Browser Be a Desktop Replacement for Under $100?

The Raspberry Pi team announced that they've released an updated web browser for their mini-computer, addressing one of the main concerns of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts around the world. The previous browser was clunky and commanded a lot of resources from the Raspberry Pi system. The new browser is based on Epiphany, and the company says that the browser should be able to handle "all but the most JavaScript-heavy sites." It will also support HTML5, have faster scrolling, and play videos when less slow-down to the system. This is a huge step forward for the software available for the Raspberry Pi, and it has many wondering if by putting a Raspberry Pi in a case, they could have a replacement for their expensive desktop system.

While the price of the desktop computer has continued to fall (significantly with the introduction of tablets), the price is still often out of reach for low-income families. However, a Raspberry Pi unit and case would cost less than $100, making it much more affordable for millions of families. The updated browser would allow families to utilize the internet, giving them access to more resources than they had before. Of course, the Raspberry Pi wouldn't be able to do all of the functions that many desktop computers can do, but it does start to bridge an access gap that up until now had no real solution. The mini computer could also serve as a secondary computer for families with multiple computer users, especially for those who primarily just need access to the internet for Facebook and email. A price tag of less than $100 beats out even the cheapest netbooks on the market.

Our Raspberry Pi case is built for durability, so no matter how you decide to put your RPi to work, our case will have you covered. The solid steel casing will protect the inner workings of the Raspberry Pi while still giving you plenty of access to ports and plugs. Get a Raspberry Pi, a case, and the latest browser and see if this is the affordable desktop replacement you've been searching for!