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Our Proto Armour for Raspberry Pi is the Perfect Way to Celebrate 3 Million Systems Sold

The team at Raspberry Pi announced another milestone in their incredible journey: they have now sold over 3 million Raspberry Pi units. The company started only a few years ago with the mission to develop a system that was affordable, portable, and accessible to students and their families everywhere. They’ve succeeded in that mission, and even celebrated this latest milestone with a trip to Buckingham Palace where they were able to show off their programmable computers to the Queen herself. We want to add our voices to the chorus of people who are congratulating the Raspberry Pi team on their amazing success!

We love the Raspberry Pi mission of bringing affordable, programmable computers to the world. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to build a high quality, durable case that would house the Raspberry Pi unit at a great price. We know that teachers, students, programmers, and designers alike love the Raspberry Pi for the flexibility and affordability it offers, and we want them to love our cases just as much. Our Proto Armour for Raspberry Pi is the latest iteration of that idea. The completely metal enclosure offers a variety of mounting options for your Raspberry Pi unit while keeping it cool and protecting it from accidental drops and spills.

You can learn more about Proto Armour for Raspberry Pi, or go ahead and place your order for one today. Cases start at just $35, and are available in 9 different colors so you can choose the one that matches your personality and style. This is a great gift for the Raspberry Pi lover in your life, too, so pick up an extra case for them. We can ship almost anywhere in the world, so place your order today!