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Our Proto Armour for Raspberry Pi Will Protect the Innovations of Your Business

We recently blogged about the cool things people are doing with the Raspberry Pi computer, including building arcade games and a working photobooth. It isn't all fun and games for the Raspberry Pi, though. Many businesses are finding clever applications for this credit-card sized computer, including the all-important job of monitoring servers. The $35 computer has even been used at IBM during a demonstration of their production line monitoring systems. That's pretty impressive for a Linux-based computer that was originally meant to be used to teach students how to code. We hope these businesses put their innovative projects into a case like our Proto Armour for Raspberry Pi.

Our cases are built to protect your Raspberry Pi unit, whether it is being used in your school or in your workplace. Our cases are built to withstand heavy use and protect your unit from the occasional bumps and drops that occur no matter how careful you are. You don't want to spend hours programming your Raspberry Pi for a big presentation at the office only to discover its fragility on the way to the conference room. Putting your Raspberry Pi in one of our Proto Armour cases will ensure that both your Raspberry Pi and your reputation are protected. That's a pretty good deal for less than $40.

You can order a Proto Armour case for Raspberry Pi on our website. We have several options, and you can choose depending on your particular needs. Each of our cases is made with the same high quality material and offers easy access to important ports so you can hook your case up without any modifications. You'll also have plenty of mounting options, if you want to secure your Raspberry Pi in a more permanent location. Place your order today and get the case you need to keep your Raspberry Pi safe!