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We Have a Raspberry Pi Enclosure Coming for Model B+ this Month!

If you are a fan of Raspberry Pi mini computers, then you probably know that the company released their updated model B+ last month. This newest model has the same processor and RAM, and runs on the same operating system. However, the team at Raspberry Pi was able to integrate several updates that had been requested by users of the Model B. To meet the needs of their customers, the company built in more GPIO, two additional USB ports (for a total of four), a micro SD slot, improved the audio output, and were able to reduce the power consumption of the unit. They did all this and managed to keep the price at a reasonable $35 per unit. Of course, an updated mini computer means you'll be needing an updated Raspberry Pi enclosure, too! 

We got to work on an enclosure for the B+ right away, and we're happy to say they will be available on our website this month. We updated our popular Proto Armour case for the B+ model, knowing that the existing cases wouldn't be compatible with the additional ports and micro SD card slot. This new case will provide the same great fit and protection you've loved about our other Proto Armour cases. The good news is that any accessories you've purchased for your Raspberry Pi computer should still work fine--the footprint of the new computer is exactly the same, it's just the output areas that have changed. We will continue to sell our cases for other models of the Raspberry Pi computers, so no matter which version of this mini computer you are trying to protect, you'll have our high quality cases to keep them safe. 

We anticipate the B+ model will be a huge seller for the Raspberry Pi group! These mini computers keep getting better and better, and people are putting them to work in more and more interesting ways. To keep your project safe, we'll be keeping our cases at the very affordable price point of $35. Our new B+ Raspberry Pi enclosures should be ready to ship around 8 August, 2014. You can go ahead and place your order now, and we'll ship it to you when they become available. Have a question about the new Raspberry Pi enclosures? Leave your question in the comments and we'll make sure you get the answers you need!