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Which Raspberry Pi Case Is Right For Your Next Big Project?

The Raspberry Pi computer was originally brought to market as a way to give students and teachers around the world inexpensive access to computers. While the micro-computer is doing a great job achieving its original goal, it has also captured the imagination of developers and inventors around the world. Take a few minutes to browse around the web and see everything that people are doing with their Raspberry Pi units; they've used them to create photobooths, run their own web server, build mini arcade games, power webcams, and even power a car diagnostics system. The list goes on and on, and it is exciting and fascinating to see just how much these little computers can do in creative hands. 

If there is any flaw to the Raspberry Pi, it's the delicacy of the unit. When you first get your unit, you may not think so, but once you begin hooking in peripherals the issue becomes apparent. That's where the urgency to get the right Raspberry Pi case comes in. Thankfully, Mobile App Systems has your unit covered no matter what project you have in mind for your Raspberry Pi. We have a variety of cases, all priced at $45 and under, and made to fit a variety of Raspberry Pi units (mini, with camera, without camera, etc.).

One of the best benefits of our Raspberry Pi cases aside from protection is that they offer you plenty of mounting options. The wrap-around protection supplements the unit's non-standard mounting options with structural support, meaning your unit stays safe from shocks and bumps when mounted. The case itself gives you the option for several standardized mounting features, so whether you are mounting your Raspberry Pi inside a photobooth, in your car, or taking it in your backpack, you have options to keep it safe and secure. 

Check out the selection of Raspberry Pi cases on our website and order one for yourself today. You'll love how they offer complete protection to your Raspberry Pi computer and keep your project moving forward!